Lets talk about me.

Languages : C++, C#, JavaScript, Python.
Engines: Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Amazon Lumberyard(beta)
Tools: Visual Studio, Android Studio.
Source Control: Perforce, Git, SVN.
Miscellaneous:Rapid Prototyping, Agile Development, SCRUM, JIRA, VR Development, Game Engine Architecture Gameplay Programming, AI Programming, Graphics Programming, C++ STL, Unreal Blueprints.


January 2017 – Present  |  “Walk in the Woods”  |  Unreal Engine 4  |  Something Dark Studios  | A.I Programmer
A co-op multiplayer adventure game focusing on stealth and survival against asymmetrical entity.
•Worked on Path finding and Decision Making of Non Player Characters.
•Worked on Designer Friendly Implementation for Balancing Game play.
•Manage a team of 6 engineers in scheduling, task management, discussions and decision making. ..more..

May 2017 – December 2017  | “VirtuaLimb |  Unity | The Gapp Lab  | System and Gameplay Engineer
An AR mobile app that allows amputees to play games and tests using a digital, myoelectric arm.
•Implemented a Machine Learning Algorithm for Gesture Recognition using Myo Band.
•Working on Real World Space Tracking using Soliton Reach.
•Implementation of Games and Test using Samsung Gear VR. ..more..

August 2017 – Present  |  Dyro Game Engine (Homebrew) | Visual Studio, C++ | Engineer
An engine to experiment and learn different mechanisms of various subsytems.
•Implemented Memory Manager with Fixed Block Allocation and Variable Size Allocation.
•Physics Subsystem along with Collision Test using Seperating Axis Theorem.
•Threading For Renderer and Physics Subsystems.
•Implementation of Graphics Subsystems such as Meshes, Textures, Materials, Widgets, Sprites and Effects.
• Worked on Shaders using OpenGL and DirectX APIs. ..more..

November 2016  |  “Coliseum VR Game” |  Amazon Lumberyard Beta , Steam VR, HTC Vive Engineer.
Game developed for Vive VR that targets calisthenics exercises for full motion individuals.
•Designed Gameplay for Virtual Reality Environment.
•Provision of Twitch Integration that governs gameplay mechanics.
•Combat Mechanism to fight Non Player Characters in Arena Mode. ..more..

January 2017 – Present   |  Something Dark Studio | Salt Lake City, Utah.
Co Lead Engineer, Engineering Artificial Intelligence for NPCs and Game Designer for ‘Walk In The Woods’. ..more..

May 2017 – Present   |  The Gapp Lab | Salt Lake City, Utah.
System Engineering for VR technology, Gameplay Programming and Game Designer for ‘VirtuaLimb’.. ..more..

May 2015 – April 2016   |  Ketons Corporation | Pune, India.
Web Developer, Database Management, Windows Applications for for Ecommerce, Portfolios and Web Applications.