Lets Talk About Games!


Glad to meet you.

I am Akshay Yewale, a game engineer studying at Entertainment, Arts and Engineering in University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. I am currently working to develop my skills in Artificial Intelligence in Games and Graphics Programming.

I am working on games since my undergraduate and progressing even further. During this time, I have worked on several projects as Gameplay Programmer and A.I. Programmer on PC and Mobile Platforms. Currently, I am specializing in Artificial Intelligence in Games and Graphics Programming. To foster these skills, I am working on certain projects that have been explained in Projects Section. I worked on my ability to communicate ideas and implementations both verbal and written. During my thesis project, I worked as lead of Engineering team, working closely with Producers and Arts team to collaborate and communicate design and code implementations.

If you ask to describe myself, I would describe me as independent, relentless problem solver, game enthusiastic and proficient game programmer. I like to test my limits in technical efficiency and with persevering approach to understanding game design and proficient code practices.

Besides developing games, I love to travel places with my gang of bandits. I look to meet interesting and industrious people during my travels. I am foodie by heart and soul. Would love to taste if you ever decide to cook.

Until then surf around and drop a message below. I would love to talk to you !!

Thank you for stopping by!